October 11, 2014

About Us

IL 14 UNITED is a coalition of grassroots and progressive groups working together to create positive change leading to fair, responsive representation for the 14th Congressional District and beyond.

Steering Committee Members

The steering committee will inform the direction of the group by contributing to the planning and execution of Coalition activities that support their mission.

Action 14th District


Action 14th District  Illinois  was founded in January 2017  in order to seek change and responsive leadership. Their goal is to make their voices heard, and bring attention to the needs not addressed by our elected representative, Randy Hultgren. We will work together to bring positive change within our district.

Democratic Women of Kendall County


DWKC is the official women’s democratic group of Kendall County. Formed in April 2017, DWKC empowers women to promote Democratic values in our community and beyond by organizing campaigns and events; supporting local, state, and national candidates; supporting businesses and charities that benefit our communities; and by promoting equal rights, quality education, and environmental protection.

Kane County Democratic Women

The Mission of the Kane County Democratic Women is to harness the political power of women to create positive social change.

Fox Valley Activists

The Fox Valley Activists group consists of impassioned progressives seeking to do good in the face of the current divisive political climate in our country. When they go low, we go high. We aim to encourage and enact positive change locally and nationally through EDUCATION and ACTION.

Indivisible IL 14


Indivisible IL 14 is a group of concerned citizens dedicated to making Rep. Randy Hultgren aware of our opposition to the “Trump agenda.”

Indivisible Lindenhurst


Indivisible Lindenhurst is dedicated to helping elect Democratic candidates up and down the ballot and spreading progressive values by mobilizing grassroots activists in Lindenhurst, Western Lake County, IL and beyond.

Kane County

The Kane County Coalition is a collection of groups formed after the 2016 election, including Fox Valley Action for Justice, Indivisible Elgin, Indivisible Fox Valley, Indivisible Kane County, and We Can Lead Change – Fox Valley.

Medicare for All - Northern Illinois

Medicare for All – Northern Illinois was formed in the summer of 2017. The group is focused on educating voters on why  Medicare for All makes sense as the answer to the need for affordable healthcare for all Americans. 

Progressives of Kane County

The purpose of the Progressives of Kane County is to encourage citizens to stay informed,  get involved, and stand up for progressive values – which includes equal rights, personal responsibility, respecting others opinions, and cooperating with one another.

Sugar Grove Township Democrats

The Sugar Grove Township Democrats focus on the election of Democrats in its township, and encouraging electoral engagement within the community.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council will manage communications, infrastructure and day-to-day activities for the coalition, and promote group activities.

Kevin Bachman is a union retiree (IAM & NATCA) and CPA who became politically active this year. He is a Precinct Committeeman in St. Charles. His interests include GOTV, ensuring voting rights, reestablishing balance between corporations (capital) and unions (labor) and countering wealth inequality.

Carissa Casbon is a school board president and founder of Indivisible Lindenhurst. Indivisible Lindenhurst’s points of focus are organizing western Lake County, training volunteers and helping to elect Democratic candidates up and down the ballot by providing candidate assistance. She is a Warren Township Precinct Committeeman. Carissa is also affiliated with the Tenth Dems, the Lake Villa Township Dems and the Warren Township Dems,and the Lake County Democratic and Independent Women.

Miki Powell has worked at Waubonsee Community College as a sign language interpreter since 2004. Following the 2016 presidential election she started a grassroots group called Fox Valley Action for Justice. She has been a lifelong Democrat but only recently has become more involved in politics by running for Precinct Committeeman in St. Charles. Her goal is to help get Democrats elected by getting people out to vote!!

Robyn Vickers is a Precinct Committeeman in Oswego. She’s active in the Kendall County Democrats and serves as Vice President of the Democratic Women of Kendall County (DWKC). She also leads DWKC’s Voter Outreach efforts. Additionally, Robyn is co-leader of the Far West Suburbs chapter of Action for a Better Tomorrow (ABT). As a lifelong activist, Robyn is passionate about getting Democrats elected to office from local boards to the presidency.

Tina Willson is Vice-Chair of the Sugar Grove Township Democrats and involved with several political groups in the district. Following the 2016 election, she developed a website, Grassroots Network Illinois (www.grassrootsnetworkil.com), that hosts a statewide events calendar for left-leaning groups. Professionally, she is an instructional designer and writer who develops training materials for state and government agencies on topics related to behavioral health and human service.

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