Kevin Bacon, Bubbles, and 4 Actions for 14

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

It’s been 8 weeks since the primary, and it’s time to get moving! There are more than 700 of you that follow IL14 United, and, according to the laws of Kevin Bacon, that means we have the power to reach a lot of people in this district.

(If you don’t know about the Kevin Bacon game…google at will!)

Let's Talk About Bubbles

So, the bad news…it’s easy for us to make each other feel good, to reinforce the beliefs we share, and allow ourselves to believe in our bubble. That belief tells us that we’re going to ride a tidal wave to November 6. But, the reality is, we have to do more. We need to build bridges to people who don’t share the same political perspectives, but with whom we can find common ground, because the numbers tell us that we must break out of the bubble to make change in this district.

What is the good news? We have great candidates, and you – and the laws of Kevin Bacon, of course. We need you to join us as an Ambassador for 14.  See below for your IL14 Ambassador Checklist.

The IL14 "Be an Ambassador" Checklist

Click through the tabs to learn about the different ways you can make a difference in the 14th district!

Invite your like-minded friends and family to follow social media for candidates and pages/groups you follow. Why? Every person we recruit is a chance to connect to another six people (Kevin Bacon rules). 

Prepare a short, relatively neutral speech (30 seconds!) that includes a personal story about why a specific issue and candidate is important to you, and works well as a conversation starter. Then, look for opportunities to use this speech to share information about voting, political issues, and candidates. 

Make a list of people you know in the 14th district who are not aligned with you politically.  The list might include family, co-workers, neighbors, or the checkout person you regularly see at the grocery store. Making this list will help you be prepared for opportunities to share information about voting and candidates.

Have a conversation with a person you disagree with (from that list above) where you do not respond with disagreement. The goal of a conversation with someone who disagrees with you politically does not have to be about winning the argument. It can be about learning that person’s point of view. One key strategy is to have a conversation where you are focused on listening, and not on responding. Take time to hear and consider another perspective without fighting back. Better Angels is an organization teaching strategies to help individuals have depolarizing conversations.

Donate if you can. Money, politics, we all hate it. You know it, I know it. Right now, if you can give to candidates up and down the ballot, please give what you can. One way you can support our efforts is to donate $14 to Illinois 14 Alliance, a political action committee that supports candidates and grassroots initiatives in the 14th District. 

Share your time. Your time is the most valuable thing you have, and we respect it. We sincerely hope that you will be willing to help give us a bit to amplify our efforts. You can give one hour or 60 hours – or everything in-between. Please consider committing to 14 hours for 14 this summer, and then another 14 in the fall. The opportunity we have is enormous – but it will take your time, your money, and your dedication to serving as an Ambassador for 14 to make it happen.

To help us most effectively understand your interests, please fill out our volunteer survey.

Take 4 Actions for 14!

Now it’s up to you – will you join us? 


Author: Tina Willson

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