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The Accountability Project

Sources: Five Thirty Eight, Open Secrets, and VoteSmart
Does Randy Hultgren represent you?

Representative Randy Hultgren is a member of the Freedom Caucus - commonly referred to as the Tea Party - and voted to eliminate the ACA, give tax cuts to corporations, wants to ensure that "abstinence-only" sexual education is a priority, and supports charter schools. These policies do not benefit most Americans, and that probably includes you. Representative Hultgren is pro-corporations, pro-NRA, and unsupportive of reproductive rights. We are seeking a representative who communicates with constituents and votes according to their values on policies that help them build healthy, successful lives.

  • After significant demand, Rep. Hultgren attended a moderated question and answer session.

  • Rep. Hultgren's largest category of donors (78%) come from the financial industry.

  • In 2016, Rep. Hultgren received a 92 rating from the NRA.

  • The most consistent thing about Rep. Hultgren is that he votes with Trump 95% of the time.

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